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The Stunning New Website of Diverse Graduates Has Been Released

The Stunning New Website of Diverse Graduates Has Been Released. Diverse Graduates, a specialist recruitment and referral consultancy, is pleased to announce that their brand new website is now ‘live’. The company was established to provide diverse graduates of a high calibre to clients within the private sector. Founded in January this year by Georgina Garcia Santisteban, also a graduate who has built a long career as a communication professional, the company conducts all its business from headquarters based in London.

Having worked within Government, Education and the Private Sector and personally experienced the lack of diverse representation in the private and corporate sectors, Georgina recognised that there was a serious gap in the employment market for a more inclusive workforce of high-calibre graduates. Diverse Graduates acknowledges the need for businesses to recruit personnel of different nationalities and that some companies struggle to attract or even retain individuals from a minority background.

The consultancy will help clients to create a workforce that is representative of the multicultural society in which we live. The inclusion of a more diverse workforce has in recent years received more attention in corporate and HR planning schedules,  with many organisations realising that there are clear business benefits to be had from a pool of workers who are more engaged and therefore more productive. Diverse Graduates also provides a consultancy service that includes external and in-house support to their clients’ talent-search resources, to ensure candidates from a diverse background are accessible and available to fill vacancies.

Diverse Graduates is committed to placing experienced and non-experienced graduates into sustainable employment within the private sector. To help candidates reach their full potential, the consultancy offers free career advice to university students who are about to graduate, undergraduates, post-graduates and graduates with work experience from diverse backgrounds. They understand that being different can sometimes hinder any career prospects. However, they also believe that it is these differences that drive organisations to be the best in their field, extend their reach and become equal opportunity employers.

The consultancy consistently delivers a high-quality service to all their clients, that is fair, honest and transparent. They will source candidates that have the right skills and talent and most of all the passion to deliver results for a business. Diverse Graduates is dedicated to bringing together talented people and brilliant organisations to do great work and take great pride in being the best diverse employment and referral consultancy in the job market.

Specialist recruitment website design agency, Optimal Internet, has created and developed the new site of Diverse Graduates. With over 10 years’ experience in bespoke recruitment website design, Optimal has built a formidable portfolio of visually stunning sites. Using the very latest technology, Optimal continually strives to set their customer websites apart from the competition.

Learn more about what Diverse Graduates has to offer by visiting the new site at – www.diversegraduates.co.uk